Thoughtful Simplicity Formula

Vision + Culture + Execution

Leads to success and fun.


Does this sound like you?

You're doing okay but you're not satisfied. The team is working hard but the results are just not there. People are doing a lot of things, sometimes at cross purposes, and often everyone feels overwhelmed.

We help you recharge and refocus.

We will help you bring your leadership team together to create a clear vision, foster a culture of teamwork and execution, and formulate clear short term and long term goals. Sounds too simple? All great things are both simple and hard to do.

Our Clients

Our clients come from a variety of industries and range from start ups to established businesses earning several hundred million dollars in revenue. Clients generally tend to be privately held companies who are completely committed to improving their performance. Virtually all of our clients come through referrals from friends and satisfied clients. We work with a very limited number of clients at any one time to ensure that each and every client receives the individualized attention that they need.

Bill Bennett
Founder, CEO, Level Office

Verinder is the sophisticated executive I aspire to be, and yet he is humble in coaching the team and myself on our journey of improvement. His direct and challenging style can be uncomfortable in the moment, but the results he helps us create are extraordinary. I'm grateful to be able to access the wisdom Verinder brings to any conversation, and I'm a better leader because of his support.

Laura McKee
CEO, Autism Home Support

Verinder’s depth of experience as well as uncanny ability to read people has benefited AHSS significantly. He’s an excellent facilitator who drives meetings forward to action. (Comes from the people insight.) His effectiveness in coaching is built on helping people become more coachable. Verinder has brought perspective, strategic insights and focus on execution to our team.

John Geocaris
Chairman, Little Lady Foods, Inc.

(Verinder has) studied leadership a lot. Brings a lot of skill sets. He understands that for a company to be successful, everyone has to be going in the same direction. How do you get a company to communicate this way? He’s done this before and this is his greatest strength. Verinder is passionate about what he does.

Mike Mallazzo
Director of Content, Dynamic Yield, Past Student

To walk into Verinder's class is to enter an environment of pure, unbridled intellectualism that is all too rare in many college environments. He is a maestro at fostering honest dialogue, genuine community and ultimately helping his students discover their best selves. I can say with no gooey sentiment that I am a better businessmen and person for having worked with him.

Vision Execution Tracker (VET)

VET is the 2-pager that will help you run your business effectively. We help you be disciplined, focused and results oriented.

Page 1: Vision – Long Term. The Vision page deals with the long term: Your purpose to be, your values, your mission - what you will accomplish in three years, and the strategies that you will deploy to achieve your goals. On the right hand side you will determine some metrics. What get’s measured gets done. The entire team will work on this; the resulting Vision will be the Team’s Vision.

Page 2: Execution – Immediate Action. As the Vision’s heady aroma permeates the senses, it is now time to tune in Jack Welch: “Good business leaders create a vision, articulate the vision, passionately own the vision, and relentlessly drive it to completion.” The Execution page captures this relentless drive to complete things. It has on it the one-year plan, 90-day plan, 30-day tasks and the issues that need to be resolved. What needs to be done as a team, and as individuals, is clear. Now, it is time to deliver.

About Verinder Syal

Verinder Syal is the Principal who calls upon additional resources as needed. Verinder has run, bought, and sold large and small companies. Working with a business partner, he started one company from scratch and built and sold it successfully. He is also an award-winning teacher at Northwestern University. He is – according to his clients and students – an exceptional Facilitator, Teacher, Consultant, Mentor, and Student. He is also the author of Discover The Entrepreneur Within.

Phone: 847-975-6054
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First hand experience

Verinder has actually run companies and delivered results. He has ben in your shoes.


Results oriented

He has the capacity to understand businesses very quickly and figure out what must be done to achieve excellence.


Strong relationships

Verinder works to develop strong and lasting relationships with his clients.


Simple philosophy

Client's Best Interest Always.

Interested? Some Trepidation?

No worries. Read Verinder’s bio and our Pitch Deck, and email Verinder right now.