Bill Bennett
Founder, CEO, Level Office

Verinder is the sophisticated executive I aspire to be, and yet he is humble in coaching the team and myself on our journey of improvement. His direct and challenging style can be uncomfortable in the moment, but the results he helps us create are extraordinary. I'm grateful to be able to access the wisdom Verinder brings to any conversation, and I'm a better leader because of his support.

Laura McKee
CEO, Autism Home Support

Verinder’s depth of experience as well as uncanny ability to read people has benefited AHSS significantly. He’s an excellent facilitator who drives meetings forward to action. (Comes from the people insight.) His effectiveness in coaching is built on helping people become more coachable. Verinder has brought perspective, strategic insights and focus on execution to our team.

John Geocaris
Chairman, Little Lady Foods, Inc.

(Verinder has) studied leadership a lot. Brings a lot of skill sets. He understands that for a company to be successful, everyone has to be going in the same direction. How do you get a company to communicate this way? He’s done this before and this is his greatest strength. Verinder is passionate about what he does.

Mike Mallazzo
Director of Content, Dynamic Yield, Past Student

To walk into Verinder's class is to enter an environment of pure, unbridled intellectualism that is all too rare in many college environments. He is a maestro at fostering honest dialogue, genuine community and ultimately helping his students discover their best selves. I can say with no gooey sentiment that I am a better businessmen and person for having worked with him.

James Steinback
Retired President Magnecraft

Verinder’s ability to quickly understand a business…any business, is exceptional. And he has a complementary skill to drill down and locate the key levers that determine profitability and growth. Most significantly, once those are identified his real talent becomes apparent to formulate thoughtful questions that cause leadership to re-examine its assumptions and its effectiveness. He does this without ever forgetting the importance of people, the need to provide customers with the tangibles and intangibles that are essential to a long-term relationship….which in turn add value to the business, and to do these things within the highest ethical framework.

David Bradley
Huizenga Capital Management

As a result of Verinder, [we were] able to take away a strategic plan for the quarters ahead. Each member of the leadership team came away with specific tasks to execute on. Team developed a regular meeting schedule and agenda to ensure that they were on track and measures to address items that fell by the wayside…. [Verinder is] a very seasoned experienced, intelligent executive. Great listener, facilitator, and communicator.

Adam Justice
Grid Connect, Inc.

Verinder is a great guide for us through the EOS process, he takes the best of the EOS system and puts his own twist on it. He helps hold us accountable and push our business forward!

Joyce Chen
Tempus, Past Student

Professor Syal is one of the most caring and introspective people I have ever met, and has been a pivotal figure in my life. I have known Prof since my sophomore year of college and have taken both his Entrepreneurship and Leadership & Ethics classes. They were two of the most influential courses that I have ever taken, as they made me reflect deeply on what is important to me and the core of my character.

Kathryn Choi
Context Media, Past Student

In the 6 years that I have known Verinder he has been professor, author, mentor, and friend. As a professor he has challenged and inspired countless students to traverse the journey within and establish the principles of leadership, ethics, and execution to guide the paths ahead. As a mentor, Verinder's guidance and counsel have been invaluable in transforming complex decisions and ideas into simple questions of right vs. wrong; execution vs. rhetoric. And as a friend, Verinder's unwavering commitment to enriching the lives of everyone he meets has been one of the greatest gifts.

Sahil Mehta
Entrepreneur, Past Student

Whether as a teacher, an entrepreneur, an executive, a consultant, or a mentor, Professor Syal is world class. Countless can attest to this - and it's true. What makes Professor Syal stand apart in these areas is not just the quality of what he creates, but the character with which he conducts himself. In every conversation I have with him, I'm left admiring his ability to challenge people and ideas with intellectual bravery, his consistent commitment to a high standard of character, and his deep empathy for others. I'm extremely grateful to count Prof as a teacher, a mentor, and a friend.

Isaac Hasson
Google, Past Student

Verinder is very unique at Northwestern in how accessible he makes himself. He (talks to) his students not only about the course, but also challenges they're facing in career and academic decisions, and in the organizations they run. Verinder's goal is for all of his students to be the best leaders that they can. His classes were among the best I've taken at Northwestern. It's no wonder I keep in touch with him years after graduation.

Gaurav Kikani
Shumway Capital

Professor Syal is in an entirely different class of teachers. He has an ability to move beyond the superficial and anchor his teachings on fundamental, universal principles of leadership and entrepreneurship. His Socratic approach and ability to forge deep relationships guide the student on a journey of self-discovery allowing to understand inherent beliefs and unlock intrinsic potential.

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