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The Thoughtful Simplicity Success Formula is both basic and profound.

Vision + Culture + Execution = Success + Fun

Most companies have some of these components, but not all. Some have a stated Vision, which is often plastered on a wall in the reception area. Companies speak of teamwork and oneness but through unintended, and intended, activities end up working in silos. Elsewhere, people may have 37 priorities, which means they have no priorities. Lack of accountability leads to mediocre execution and, unsurprisingly, disappointing results.

Success is often equated to bare survival, and fun is represented by the annual company picnic.

Does any of this resonate? Ring a bell? Hit home?

Thoughtful Simplicity’s “Vision-Execution-Tracker” process, also called the “VET,” aligns the elements of the Success Formula that lead to a clear Vision, a Culture of Teamwork, a Clarity of Goals, and Accountability. Execution, Success, and Fun follow.

Please read the Execution chapter from Verinder’s book Discover The Entrepreneur Within to get a more detailed description of the VET process.

Components of the Process

Verinder will be the facilitator, coach, occasional strategist, and cheerleader. Unlike most facilitators, he has actually run large and small companies, started a couple of companies, and is a highly regarded Professor at Northwestern University. He has walked in your shoes, he has delivered results, and he is committed to the your success.

Annual Meeting - Visionmore_vert
Annual Meeting - Visionclose

The most important starting task is to develop a common vision as a team. This is what we will tackle at our very first meeting. Each member of the team will come fully prepared having done the assigned homework. Together, the team will agree upon the Purpose, Values, Strategies, and long term Metrics. It is an exhilarating process that will leave you both excited and exhausted by day’s end.

Quarterly Execution Meetingsmore_vert
Quarterly Execution Meetingsclose

These are the meetings that lead to accountability, execution and results. At each meeting the team will determine the key tasks (called “Rocks”) that were completed last quarter and what each team member will accomplish this quarter. Issues will be discussed exhaustively and solutions determined. We will calculate the percentage of the rocks completed each quarter, and the team will assign a letter grade to their efforts.


Every meeting is an opportunity to enhance teamwork. You will quickly learn to speak up, raise issues, debate, and – most importantly – solve problems. Also, whenever time permits, we will do a team building exercise.

Other Processesmore_vert
Other Processesclose

Any business has many processes such as: Scorecard, Organizational Structure, People Evaluator, Accountability, Sales Process and so on. Time permitting, we will work on improving one of these processes at our quarterly meeting.

Embrace the Processmore_vert
Embrace the Processclose

Such expansion should be staged. We recommend that the top team spend at least one year working with, and fully embracing, this process before it is introduced to the rest of the company.


Sometimes people take the EOS and other processes as almost a religion where everything can only be done one way. We have a different philosophy: we will customize our process to one that will help you meet your goals. Our focus is on your success, not on the sanctity of our process.

Interested? Some Trepidation?

No worries. Read Verinder’s bio and our Pitch Deck, and email Verinder right now.