Point of Difference


Actual Experience

There are many smart consultants and facilitators. The key difference may be that Verinder has actually run companies, large and small, and he has actually had to deliver results. He has walked in your shoes; he knows the challenges you face.

Customized Approach

While we use the Vision-Execution-Tracker process, we will customize it is to the needs of the client. It is not a religion with us, rather it is a tool to be modified as needed.

Our Philosophy - Clients Best Interest Always

We believe in developing long-term relationships with our clients and we work hard to understand their needs. Everything we do is based on the question: “What is best for the client?” We are committed to offering the best advice regardless of its popularity or palatability.


In a world where this word is rather loosely used, we believe integrity is the cornerstone of any relationship or enterprise.


We guarantee our work unconditionally. If you are ever dissatisfied, just tear up the invoice.

Interested? Some Trepidation?

No worries. Read Verinder’s bio and our Pitch Deck, and email Verinder right now.