Discover the Entrepreneur Within

A step-by-step guide to making it happen! Discover your inner entrepreneur. Live life on your own terms.
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The entrepreneurial revolution is in full swing and many of your friends have started new businesses successfully. You wonder if you have what it takes. Yes, entrepreneurship requires passion, discipline, hard work, creativity, and resilience, but it is ultimately a process.

Discover The Entrepreneur Within, based on Verinder Syal’s award-winning classes at Northwestern University, will demystify this process. He has created a step-by-step guide that gives you the tools to launch your business.

You will learn how to:
  • Find new ideas
  • Select the most promising idea
  • Assemble and lead a team
  • Focus on the right customers
  • Market and sell
  • Develop a business model
  • Calculate the start-up capital
  • Raise funds
  • Develop your 10-slide pitch
  • Make winning presentations
  • Examine your values and principles
  • Determine the life you want to live
  • Are you ready for a personal revolution, to achieve freedom, to do what you love, and to do so on your own terms? Do you want to help others while living a life of meaning and significance? Let’s get started now!



    Robert Jordan
    CEO, Association of Interim Executives

    The definitive book on business launch, in reality three books in one: the essence of entrepreneurship; the mechanics of a business; and, most importantly, how an entrepreneur can live a great life.

    Mark Witte
    Professor and Director, Undergraduate Studies in Economics, Northwestern University

    [The book's] writing is fast paced and full of good humor...However, what really makes this book special within the field is the second half where Verinder works students through issues of leadership and ethics that go to the core of creating ventures...I can see why students tell me that it’s so life changing.

    Mike Marasco
    Director, Farley Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Northwestern University

    Verinder recently led our teaching team for a program where we hosted twenty-five entrepreneurs from twenty-three different African countries…they left after six weeks truly transformed.

    Joyce Chen
    Former Student and Analytics, Context Media

    (He) completely changed my views on what it takes to start a company and what it means to be a leader, and consequently through those insights, changed the course of my life.

    Laura McKee
    CEO, Autism Home Support

    If every ambitious millennial implements these concepts, the difference that they make will change the world.

    Muthoni Nduhiu
    CEO, Mastermind Africa Alliance, Kenya

    Must read for budding entrepreneurs and start ups! His deep understanding of businesses and entrepreneurship comes through in this book as he is able to address each and every question that crosses an entrepreneurs mind especially when at start up phase.

    About Verinder Syal

    Verinder Syal is the Principal who calls upon additional resources as needed. Verinder has run, bought, and sold large and small companies. Working with a business partner, he started one company from scratch and built and sold it successfully. He is also an award-winning teacher at Northwestern University. He is – according to his clients and students – an exceptional Facilitator, Teacher, Consultant, Mentor, and Student. He is also the author of Discover The Entrepreneur Within.

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